Summer soup!

Well, it’s summer…. Or so we’re told! Personally I’d say it was more like autumn. It’s wet, cold and grey, in fact it’s pretty dismal to be honest.

I wanted something to cheer me up, and as I’ve got loads of different types of tomatoes (if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll have seen them) I thought I’d make a salad.

I choped all the tomatoes in half or in to chunks.  I’ve got ‘Crimson Crush’, ‘Ildi’, ‘Amateur’, ‘Speares Tennessee Green’, to name a few. So, they were all prepared and ready to marinade with some balsamic and garlic when I decided I didn’t really want a salad. That’s when I decided I could make them into a soup, I threw them into an oven dish, tossed a spoonful of balsamic over them and baked them for 20-30 minutes at 180. You want them to go soft and the juices come out of them.image

While the tomatoes roasted, I sweated down a chopped onion in a large pan.  Then I added a crushed garlic and cooked it for a few minutes.  You don’t want to colour the garlic as it will taste bitter.  You can use any stock you want for this soup, but I used vegetable stock.  I added 1 litre to the pan and cooked the onion in it until it was soft.  Then, add the tomatoes and all their juice and cook for a few minutes, stirring now and again.


The soups almost done now, so blitz it smooth.  There’s no need to worry about seeds or skin as they’re cooked and won’t be hard or chewy.  Throw in as much basil as you want, and blitz again. You can pass it all through a sieve if you want a smooth soup, personally I like the more rustic soups, so I leave it as it is.


Finally, dish it up and sprinkle with black volcanic salt for a bit of a ‘wow’ factor.  If you can’t get black salt, any will do.


That’s it, a warming tomato soup for a freezing summers day.



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