What to do this weekend -9/10 April

Ok, so it’s been a while since I last updated the blog.

Apologies for that, I’ve been a busy bee.

So, what are you going to be doing in the garden or allotment this weekend?

Here’s what I’ll be doing –

Firstly, it’s not too late to sow a few cosmos seeds.  I just love ‘Rose Bonbon’ from my range at www.dobies.co.uk, they produce fantastic powder pink ‘rose like’ flowers.

Alternatively, you can buy the cosmos as plug plants, ready to just pop in the garden.


Next, I’ll be planting my first early potatoes.  This year I’ve gone for ‘Pentland Javelin’, a reliable heritage variety which produces oval shaped, quite large tubers (for new potatoes).

Make sure to check that your soil isn’t too wet or cold before planting the tubers.  If not, they will just sit there and sulk, or may even rot.

I plant my first earlies around 10cm deep and 30cm apart.  Then, I leave 60cm between the rows.  This gives the plants plenty of space to grow and produce plenty of potatoes.


One thing I will be trying with my potatoes, is companion planting.  There’s a Peruvian tuber called ‘Mashua’ which is used to help ward off pests from your potatoes.  It’s related to garden nasturtiums, producing edible leaves and tubers with a strong peppery flavour.

You start them off in a frost free place, then plant them amongst or near your spuds once the last frost has passed.



I’m also planting out onion sets.  I started them off in modules in a cold greenhouse, this is because my plot was far too wet to plant sets; they would just rot.

Starting them off in modules means they will form roots and be more capable of coping with the water, and actually growing through it.


Don’t forget you can start planting  Ranunculus out this weekend too.  Soak the ‘claws’ overnight before planting.  This gives them a head start and enables them to start growing quicker.

They are susceptible to frost, so make sure to give a little protection if bad weather is forecast, I just use a double layer of fleece weighed down with bricks.


Now lets hope the weather is good enough to get out there and enjoy your garden!



















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